I keep seeing a lot of posts with people struggling with the fact that they can see/agree with the Red Lotus and their goals.

That’s exactly what Bryke wants you to do. They want you to question if our protagonists are really doing the right thing in the eyes of the world. How often do you come across a show where it’s as controversial as this?

Both sides, the good guys and the bad guys, are doing things for the sole fact that they think its for the good of the world. 

Normally, you have good guys doing things for the world, and the bad guys doing things for power and their own selfish wants.

I love this dynamic so so so much.

Yas, Bryke. Slay.

also i love how asami is always dressed cute wherever she goes like i want to be u

in other news asami’s pajamjams are hecka cute

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Anonymous sent: Makorra prompt - mako walks in on korra and Asami having girl time and just hanging out and he feels super awkward and embarrassed cause he over hears them sharing their stories about dating him. Then maybe korra runs after him or something.

As Mako walked down the corridors of Air Temple Island, he suddenly felt a sneeze coming on. In an attempt to ward it off, he rubbed his nose nonchalantly, focusing on his mission.

Bolin spent all of their food money in buying fake mustaches. Why? Mako was intent on finding out. The younger bender was off on the Island for the day, as the note had said, which is why Mako found himself there.

Normally, he wouldn’t bother going to Korra’s home, but this was warranted.

He swiftly turned down another hallway, when he heard feminine giggling from behind a paper door.

"No, no, one time, I made him put on my underwear," a voice laughed, and another voice chimed in.

Mako’s blood ran cold.

"No! How?!" the second voice shrieked.

"He was drunk! When he’s drunk, you can make him do anything,” the voice laughed again, before gasping for air. “Except get hard.”

They laughed even harder, before he heard a thump on the wooden floor.

He breathed harshly in and out of his nose. This is what he deserved. This is what happens when you date two best friends, he figured.

Shaking his head, he took a step further before the second voice began to talk again.

"Korra, no, one time we were sitting on the fountain and he tried doing that thing where you yawn and stretch your arm around the girls shoulders and he felt into the fountain!" Asami rushed, breathlessly encountering one of the many times Mako was not smooth.

A second thump was heard as he assumed Korra fell off the bed. “That’s so classic! Holy shit!”

He groaned, now leaning against the wall across the doorway. He might as well stay for the torture.

The door opened, much to Mako’s surprise, to Korra’s very red face.

"Mako… Hey," she stuttered. "We were just…"

"Making fun of me," Mako droned. "I know. I deserved it. It’s fine."

He began walking down the hallway again, in pursuit for his stupid kid brother, when he heard footsteps and a hand on his shoulder.

"For the record," she whispered. "I already told her about how amazing you are as a boyfriend and how great you are in bed."

She walked away, leaving Mako red faced in the hallway.

did asami kiss mako before she knew makorra broke up or after she found out they broke up two days prior

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Anonymous sent: I have this head canon that Bolin and Asami become fuck buddies. You don't have to write smut or anything, but that's kind of a head canonic mine. Oh! And mako would accidentally walk in on them or something. And it's just awkward for everyone.

YES I totally support this one!

So I believe their sexual relationship would start when Mako and Korra start their tumultuous relationship at the end of book 1 because they were both slightly hurt by the rejection and sought out comfort in one another.

They would try and keep it at Asami’s house because of such intrusions could happen, but sometimes Korra barge into  her house unannounced because she and Mako had a fight and Asami had to quickly hide Bolin is various spots in the house until Korra left.

And when they couldn’t wait, they went to Bolin and Mako’s place and tried to have a few quickies. But Mako walked in on them once when they thought he wasn’t coming home for lunch, and they were on the kitchen table, and Mako immediately recoiled and left the residence without a word.

He and Korra would be in shock at their relationship and the next few times they hung out would be slightly awkward but would eventually approve of it and even eventually try to get Bolin and Asami together as a couple when the two havn’t found love on multiple dates.

So, thanks to Mako walking in on the two fucking, they eventually found their feelings for each other and become a couple, but that wouldn’t happen until a year or two after they start having sex.

Thank you! Send me more please!!!

send me headcanons to write out!

I went home sick and I’m bored! all are welcome even non shipping

at least mako knows he fucked up this time lol





i am actually getting a headache this is so stressful

with mako and asami and korra not remembering and asami being bitter except she has no right to be because she fucking KNEW what she was getting into and then mako not telling korra they broke up like i get not telling her infront of EVERYONE again but not telling her on the ship like bro??? no??? tell her??? you bitch??

as much as i am despising the mako/korra/asami triangle, there is nothing wrong with having romantic subplots in tv shows.

i’m not sure why people in this fandom act like it’s the plague. i personally love romantic subplots and all that jazz, and it’s not an evil thing that bryke is focusing on it.

it’s evil because of what they are doing to my haaaarrrttt

i just had a revelation:

i think they’re going to address the “korra kissing mako while he’s with asami” thing

because either asami or mako (or both) is going to tell korra that they kissed while korra was away, and korra may get mad.

and then something along the lines of

"well you kissed him when i was dating him, so i dont see why you have the reason to be mad"

or SOMETHING like that i’m not really putting a lot of effort into this but still